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Steve Edmonds Band

Steve Edmonds Band have garnered a reputation as one of the countries finest exponents of BLUES/ROOTS music. Edmonds experience as guitarist to many of Australia’s finest touring acts Barnes, Noll, Goodrem, Geyer, Parkinson, Clapton etc holds him in good stead as the leader of one of the most dynamic and talented Blues bands in the country. Combining Blues, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Latin & Rock elements, Edmonds cooks an eclectic gumbo of soulful sounds. From a slew of unique originals to jaw dropping medleys and guitar drenched Blues anthems, the Edmonds band delivers on a new level!

A wonderfully talented band, dynamic arrangements, blues drenched tones and an energy level of Olympic proportions has held Edmonds Band as a proven certified pub favourite for many years. With the recent release of CHAKRAS (Edmonds 4th release) the band are at the top of their game and in fine form. A truly professional, unique and engaging musical experience, The Steve Edmonds Band promise to be a highlight at Red, White, Amber & Blues 2019!

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