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Kevin Borich

The Borich machine features the who’s who of bassists and drummers across Australia and all line-ups leave the same impression on fans, they leave knowing they have just witnessed world class performance. Kevin Borich is a man with 52 years of professional experience behind him, a man who was invited onstage to jam with Santana more than once; a man has shared the stage with Bo Didley, Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Ron Wood (Rolling Stones), John Mayall, Taj Mahal, Living Colour, Joe Walsh, Canned Heat, and has opened shows for  Elton John, Status Quo, Jeff Beck and Buddy Guy, Peter Frampton plus one AC/DC show in the USA. a man who topped the Australian Rock Music Guitar Awards twice in the 70’s. 

Crowds that turn up for Kevin Borich performances are a mixture of generations and attitudes. There are the younger musicians that are left pondering just how 3 performers can create such inescapable sound of electrifying rock,  blues & Funk. There are the old rockers, somehow with their long hair and relaxed stance they seemed to be the epitome of cool. There are young blues fans: guys and girls who know every word to every song and run around dancing manically and enjoying themselves immensely and there are the people from the indie regime who are curious to see if it is true what they have heard, that a guitarist song writer with a career spanning 52 years can transcend his rock based funk ‘n’ blues boundaries into the realms of their world.