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51 Years of Oz-Blues

The originators of Oz-Blues, CHAIN will celebrate 51 years since forming in the wonderful crazy times of 1968, with a one only show at Red, White and Amber Blues Festival on the 27th October at the George Harcourt Inn, ACT.

Gaining an immediate status as a dominant underground group in the late sixties, Chain went on to have a number of hits in the early 70’s -‘Black ‘n Blue’, Judgment’ and Matt Taylor’s ‘I Remember When I Was Young’

Their double gold album ‘Toward the Blues’ is a landmark recording in Australian music history and has influenced the direction of blues and roots performers in this country since. Renowned for their onstage chemistry and their unique blues/rock style of music, Chain is a great musical experience and non-stop entertainment.

Chain rekindles the spirit of the sixties and seventies plus brings a thoroughly modern approach with the tight sound they are known for.

While Matt Taylor and Phil Manning each have successful solo careers, it is with Chain that the fusion of harmonica, guitar, bass and drums combined with their unique songwriting results in an immediately recognizable sound.

Exciting driving rhythms and soaring harmonica and guitar compliment Matt’s powerful vocals and their stage presence is hypnotic.

This show must not be missed!

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